New series !!!

Hey guys,AT here and i have some awesome news to bring it to ya !

Remember when i posted these pictures that i named ”clues” ?

So..those ”clues” actually turned into a new fanfic series ! And it is…*drumrolls*


Agents Of Mayhem !

Planning to release the first chapter on Sartuday,so stay tunned !

If you guys want to help me making the story/appear as a guest contact me on discord onΒ my channel

See ya !



9 lives ad preview

Hey guys it is giant raptor I would like to say sorry for not posting in a while 😦 to make it up I will help with the 9 lives ad πŸ˜€ ! hmmso you get a message saying mr.fuzzypants has been acting strangely then you have to do a mini game and you would get a cat follower and a cake toss power xD

There you go! πŸ˜€ you got the prizes