Top 5 Easter Eggs in Poptropica

Hello Poptropicans,its me again !

Im here to tell you that there’s various easter eggs around Poptropica,and now i have listed 5 of them ! So lets get started !

5-Exploding crab in Time Tangled Island

Well,everyone knows Time Tangled,right ? So,at the start of the island,you can find a friendly crab ! Just click on him and he…explodes….




4-Thor in Popicon

You know about PopiCon right ? So, yes,as we know,PopiCon is a parody of ComicCon,which happens every year at San Diego.But here’s a nice easter egg,go to the exit on the main street,you will be now outiside the PopiCon,go right and now you see a poster and you see a man….Now look at the poster.


That’s right ! Its a easter egg from Thor,the nordic god ! But wait ! Look at Thor and at Bucky Lucas from Reality Island TV



Yup,Its Bucky Lucas from Reality Island !! But he dyed his hair and grew some beard for the role of Thor !

3-Nabooti Island Cellphone numbers

At Nabooti Island,when you are in an Ice Cavern,you will see a cellphone,pick it up and click ”Use”.


Courtesy of the PHB

Now…Here’s a cool easter egg….Some of the numbers lead to some hats ! But warning:It can swipe one of your costumes that you’re wearing,check out the numbers:


Courtesy of the PHB.

2-Dreamworks in Back Lot Island !

At the start of the island,go to your left you will see a area called Digital Dreamscapes,wich is a parody of Dreamwork Studios !


At inside the building,you will see their mascot,Spunky Chicken,Wich is a parody of Shrek.


And number one is……drumrolls…..

1-Rejected Islands for Poptropica

In Mocktropica,inside the Poptropica HQ,at the 4th floor,there’s some posters for some islands that we never saw.Lets look at them:



Tax Cut Island:A mock-up island,as 50% of the devs salaries are cut to make more islands.

Aqua Knights islands:A rip-off from Astro Knights,but in water,but it could be a preview of Atlantis Island !

Giant Island:A parody of Shrink Ray Island,but in a giant version,it would be great if they made this island πŸ˜€

The Return Of Crawfish:A Skulldgerry Island sequel,it would be cool to see Capitain Crawfish again.

So this is my top 5 easter eggs on Poptropica list ! Do you have any suggestions ? Comment down bellow !



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